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“…always provides insight of value and genuinely helps to move a debate forward…”

David Thomson, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Chartered Insurance Institute

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An ‘Ethics Briefing’ 

A clear, concise overview of an ethical issue that you need to know more about, with ‘critical friend’ insight relevant to your firm and its business. More here…


Ethical case studies for insurance staff

Stories that resonate, set in a variety of insurance settings. More here…


Horizon scanning workshop

Putting emerging ethical issues onto your firm’s strategic radar. More here…

About Duncan

Duncan is an ethics professional who specialises in the general and long term insurance sectors. He provides clients with greater certainty on ethical risks and opportunities, enabling them to build trust, reduce costs and enhance service.

Widely recognised as a pragmatic, forward thinking practitioner, he has become an authorative voice on the ethical dimension of doing business in the insurance sector. His 14 years as an independent consultant is based on a belief that every firm is different and every solution needs to be tailored. That’s why composites, mutuals, London market firms, professional bodies and wealth management firms have all turned to him for advice.

Duncan has been a Chartered Insurance Practitioner since 2009.

Sharpen up your ethics

Boost your knowledge of the ethical issues that matter to the insurance sector, with over 16 ebooks and checklists available for free download. Here’s the most popular one at the moment –



The ‘Ethics and Insurance Blog’

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  • A Disclosure Disruption for Commercial Insurance 13/Sep/16
    Much of the attention being given to the impact that big data will have on insurance focuses on the personal insurance market. Yet the impact of big data could be just as significant for commercial insurances. And it raises an important ethical question, again around disclosure. All sorts of engines, systems and machinery are insured […]
  • Ethical Awareness for Underwriters: pt3 – over optimism 25/Aug/16
    Despite selling a product that’s based upon risk and losses, insurance people are actually quite an optimistic bunch. And that’s good, for it creates a shared sense of purpose and professionalism, and facilitates innovation and risk taking. Yet let that optimism build too much and it can run away with itself. The nature of insurance […]


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