About Duncan Minty

Duncan is an independent ethics consultant. He provides clients with greater certainty on ethical risks and opportunities, enabling them to build trust, reduce costs and enhance service. A lot of his work is with professional organisations and firms in the insurance sector.

Widely recognised as a pragmatic, forward thinking practitioner, he has become an authoritative voice on the ethical dimension to doing business. His fifteen years as an independent consultant is based on a belief that every firm is different and every solution needs to be tailored. That’s why a wide range of professional, legal, property and insurance firms have turned to him for advice.

His 'Ethics and Insurance' website at www.ethicsandinsurance.info sets out the range of services he provides to insurance firms.

Duncan has over 18 years of experience in a variety of senior posts in the insurance sector. The last of these was as head of insurance and risk management at the business arm of the Motability scheme, managing a variety of risks, issues and contracts for a fleet of 400,000 vehicles under lease to people with disabilities.

Duncan underpins this experience with solid qualifications, as a Chartered Insurance Practitioner and a masters degree in the understanding of risk evaluation.