The ‘Ethics and Insurance Fraud’ briefing

an in-house workshop at a competitive fee

What’s it about?

The investigation of insurance fraud is like a coin: on one side lies the strong ethical case for carrying out such investigations, and on the other side lies the strong ethical case for such investigations being carried out with honesty and integrity. The two sides of the coin support each other – after all, an insurer can hardly accuse someone of dishonesty if their own processes lack honesty and integrity.

So the key question is: how can insurers ensure that honesty and integrity are embedded into their insurance fraud work?

The Briefing

This briefing guides you through key points and processes for embedding honesty and integrity into your fraud work. It explores ethical issues that the fraud team should consider, looks at checks that can highlight discrepancies, and discusses processes to build the capacity for ‘doing the right thing’.



What it covers…

  1. Leadership
  2. Performance
  3. Standards and Quality
  4. Decision making
  5. Culture and skills
  6. Data
  7. Supplier management
  8. Governance and oversight

You’ll be able to take a closer look at issues that particularly interest you, so you have both an overview and some fine detail.

Who should attend?

This is a briefing that the fraud, claims and compliance teams will find useful. It lasts 2 hours, takes place at your office and is competitively priced.

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