The ‘Ethics and Leadership’ Briefing

an in-house workshop at a competitive fee

What’s it about?

How can those in positions of influence in a firm show leadership on ethics?

Some managers decide to be personally that bit more ethical at work, and that’s great – people can notice and follow the example being set. But it’s not enough. If you’re a senior manager, then when it comes to ethics, you need to do what you’ve been appointed to do: show leadership.

The Briefing

This briefing explains what it means to show leadership on ethics. It looks at key steps that senior managers can take to deliver better results on ethics for their firm.

These steps are built around the principle that leadership on ethics involves making tough decisions around ethical challenges, and helping others make those tough decisions too. Being able to do this needs more than just a principled stand: it requires specific skills. That’s what this briefing is about.


What it can cover…

  1. Ethics and today’s insurance sector
  2. Fairness as the dominant regulator theme
  3. Integrity and the senior managers regime
  4. On language – ethics, conduct, culture…
  5. Delivering tone from the top, and middle
  6. Opening up ethical culture
  7. Delivering more ethical decision making
  8. Focus, assessment and training

The briefings give you both an overview and some fine detail around what particularly interests you. It includes case studies and ethical dilemmas to practice on.

Who should attend?

This is a briefing for anyone in a position of influence at your firm. It lasts 2 hours, takes place at your office and is competitively priced.

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