The ‘Ethics and Loss Adjusting’ Briefing

an in-house workshop at a competitive fee

What’s it about?

Loss adjusting firms have become more complex. Their markets are highly competitive. Just the ingredients for some ethical challenges.

What’s important is twofold: to make sure that your handling of ethical issues keeps pace with how your firm is developing, and to make sure your people are actually putting ethics into practice in the decisions they take.

The Briefing

This briefing provides a comprehensive overview of the ethical issues facing loss adjusting firms. Yes, it covers conflicts of interest, but there are plenty of other ethical issues involved too (some well known, others emerging). It opens up this thing called conflicts of interest in new ways, showing you tools that allow it to be really mapped properly. At the end, you’ll have plenty of fresh ideas to help develop your firm’s position on ethics.

What it can cover…

  • different types of conflict of interest
  • scoping out conflicts of interest
  • using significance and maturity
  • the fairness of decisions
  • the influence of inducements
  • the impact of cultural hurdles
  • assessing risk and setting goals

The briefing can give you both an overview and some fine detail about the ethical issues for loss adjusting. It includes case studies and ethical dilemmas to practice on.

Who should attend?

This is a briefing that people from human resources, operations and compliance will find useful. It lasts 2 hours, takes place at your office and is competitively priced.

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