The ‘Whistleblowing’ briefing

an in-house workshop at a competitive fee


What’s it about?

2015 will be a ‘year of change’ for whistleblowing in the UK insurance sector. Regulations are being prepared, responsibilities defined and expectations raised. Add to that the likelyhood that some individuals will come under regulatory scrutiny for how a whistleblower and their concern were handled. In short, every regulated firm must have whistleblowing on its ‘to do’ list for 2015.

So how much of a priority should it be? Here’s the view of the leading whistleblowing charity:

“The situation for whistleblowers in the financial services sector is more challenging than in any other sector”.

The FCA know that and they’re under pressure to do something about it. Firms need to do likewise.

The Briefing

This briefing will explain the changes underway, what’s driving them and how they are likely to affect firms and individuals. From that overview, the briefing will dive into the three factors that firms need to pay most attention to.

And then it will address the ‘traction issue’ that will determine whether or not a firm succeeds with its whistleblowing initiative.

Who should attend?

This is a briefing that the human resources, operations and compliance teams will find useful. It lasts 2 hours, takes place at your office and is competitively priced.

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