Ethics Briefings

in-house workshops at a competitive fee

So what is an ‘ethics briefing’?  It is…

  • a clear, concise overview designed to raise and organise your knowledge of a topic
  • independent analysis delivered from the perspective of a ‘critical friend’
  • covers the needs of someone handling it, managing it or overseeing it
  • based upon as much about your firm and its objectives as you’re happy to tell me
  • kept confidential
  • competitively priced
  • based upon my 18 years experience as an insurance manager and 14 years as an ethics consultant

Just click on the title of each briefing to find out more about it.

…always provides insight of value and genuinely helps to move a debate forward…

David Thomson, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Chartered Insurance Institute

Ethics and Insurance Fraud

Helps insurers embed honesty and integrity into their fraud work.



A big topic for the FCA this year, with major reforms coming soon.  


Ethics and Big Data

There are some complex ethical issues associated with big data.



Now the No.1 compliance issue for insurers in the US.


Ethics and Leadership

How those in charge of insurance firms can take the lead on ethics.


Conflicts of Interest

In the FCA spotlight, with serious questions about to be asked


Ethics and Loss Adjusting

Where honesty and integrity matter most in loss adjusting.


Insurance Claims 

A complex mix of issues, both in-house and through suppliers