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How to assess conflict of interest risk

Conflicts of interest are a permanent ethical risk to which all insurance firms are exposed. This free ebook shows insurance firms how to carry out a structured assessment of their conflict risks and pinpoint the ones to watch out for most.




Ethics and Big Data: 11 Principles for Insurance Firms 

We are in a critical window before mass adoption of ‘big data’ takes place, in which we can develop ethical principles that capture the promise that big data holds without losing sight of important social values. Here are 11 principles for insurance firms to adopt for this.


Ethics and Claims: understanding ethical culture

The reforms being prepared for insurance claims make this the perfect time for insurers to address the ethical culture of their claims operations. This free e-book guides claims directors through the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of ethical change.




Ethics and Claims: an overview for insurers

Claims departments are under pressure to reform how they work. This free e-book will help claims directors understand 5 ethical issues of importance to insurance claims. Tuning into these issues will help you respond more effectively to regulators and deliver a more innovative claims service


A Guide to Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest present a considerable and on-going challenge to the insurance sector. That’s because their influence and scope are frequently underestimated. This free eBook identifies the different types of conflict of interest and illustrates them with examples. It’s a ‘must read’ for any manager with responsibility for conflicts in their firm.




Ethics and Underwriting: 5 key issues for insurers

Underwriters are coming under greater scrutiny from regulators, to show that their work supports market confidence. Ethical issues feature in this scrutiny, so underwriters need to be familiar with the underlying concepts and how they apply to insurance.

This free ebook does just that, boosting an underwriter’s knowledge of 5 ethical issues of importance to insurance underwriting.


Ethical Dilemmas: a Powerful Training Resource

Ethical dilemmas are ideal for training your staff in how to think about the firm’s values and how to put them into practice when faced with difficult situations.

This free ebook explains how best to use ethical dilemmas in training, alongside four dilemmas to illustrate some of the formats available.



Ethical Checklist_No2_11_Problems_to_avoid_when_measuring_ethics

Free Checklist: 11 Pitfalls to Avoid when Measuring Ethics 

Implementing performance measures of any kind, let alone ethical ones, can be a challenge.

This free checklist sets out the most common pitfalls you’re likely to encounter when measuring ethics.


How to Assess Ethical Risks

This free ebook will guide directors and managers through the practicalities of assessing

the ethical risks of their firm. The steps are straightforward and clearly laid out, with

templates for prioritising risks and identifying the extent of improvement needed.




How to set Ethical Objectives and Targets

Surveys show that very few insurers have ethical objectives, but most are now looking to set them.

The benefits are clear: they help you deliver on innovation, integrity and customer focus.

This free ebook will take you through the essential steps to setting ethical objectives and targets for your firm.


How to Tackle Ethical Dilemmas with Confidence

Ethical dilemmas often involve challenging issues that need delicate handling.

Reading this ebook will give you a clear picture of what ethical dilemmas are and equip you with a set of steps for tackling them with confidence.




Privacy: 5 Sources of Ethical Risk for Insurers

To monitor and manage an important risk like privacy, you need to understand the ethical issues involved.

Reading this ebook will provide you with that understanding and show you the influence each of these privacy concerns can have on your insurance operations.


Ethics and Fraud: 6 Principles for insurers to remember

Tackling fraud is an ethical thing to do, but how the insurance sector goes about doing so also has an important ethical dimension.

This free ebook introduces 6 principles for insurers and their partners to adopt to ensure that ethics is part of this important initiative.




Ethical Checklist: Managing Private Investigators

With the FCA reviewing insurers’ use of private investigators, this free checklist will guide claims directors through the key controls and processes for managing private investigators in line with ethical values.

Insurance and the Privacy Controversy

I believe that over the next 5 years, tensions between the insurance industry and the general public around privacy issues will grow to be as controversial as the mis-selling of payment protection insurance is today. This recent speech to marketing professionals at the Financial Services Forum explains why, and what insurers should do.


A Guide to Consent

Consent is fundamental to how markets work, for it lies at the heart of the economic choices we make. Yet many managers are unfamiliar with consent and its different dimensions. This free ebook will help managers become more familiar with consent and better understand the implications it has for their products and services.


How to Prepare for Conflicts of Interest

Being in a conflict of interest is a bit like having the flu – it’s not unethical. The ethical issues are in how you handle them. That’s where this free ebook is here to help, setting out clear steps that will allow you to take control of this key ethical risk. Just complete the form and an email with the download link will be whizzed off to you.