Ethical Assessments


Are you confident that your people know enough to make decisions that are ethical?

What I do

I deliver ethical assessment packs that are tuned into the needs of your business and written in clear functional settings: claims, underwriting, marketing and broking. The packs are built around well defined learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

My experience in writing relevant and pragmatic case studies and ethical dilemmas is second to none in UK insurance. Good multiple choice questions are also a speciality.

What you get

  • A clear sense of your employees’ ability to recollect, understand and apply the ethical issues that matter to your business.
  • assessment packs designed for the needs of everyone from recruits to directors.
  • where the strengths and weaknesses lie in ethical decision making within your firm

Recent projects

  • a pack of multiple choice questions, case studies and ethical dilemmas focussed on three learning outcomes.
  • a review of a client’s existing ethics assessment pack, with revisions to existing material plus new material as well
  • A ethics assessment pack for firms holding the CII’s Chartered title

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