Ethical Case Studies


Ethical questions often arise in insurance markets. Will your people recognise them?

What I do

I write case studies that help insurance people think about the ethical dimension to the decisions they’re taking. The case studies are focussed and pragmatic.

I use my background in insurance to deliver case studies covering a wide range of activities: underwriting, claims, broking and marketing.

What you get

Clients use ethical case studies to highlight key features of their code of ethics and to remind employees about sensitive issues.

They’re popular because employees respond to them being practical and relevant to their needs.

Recent projects

  • a suite of ethical case studies to show staff when values and choices can be at play in common insurance situations
  • a pack of case studies to show claims people how to weigh up the fairness of their decisions.

Client Feedback

“very well written and engaging”

“thought provoking, with lots of practical real life examples and exercises”

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