Ethical Dilemmas 


Dilemmas are serious situations that your people need to know how to handle. So, do they?

What I do

Most misconduct in corporate settings doesn’t involve bad people doing bad things, but good people making poor choices. I work with clients to help their people make better choices.

I’ve written a great many ethical dilemmas, each being based around a typical insurance setting. With convincing characters and pragmatic scenarios, they test students’ ability to apply their firm’s code of ethics in difficult decisions.

What you get

  • ethical dilemmas designed around key decisions that you need your people to get right
  • outcomes that point to strengths and weaknesses in ethical decision making
  • guidance on how to recognise poor choices and how to do better next time round

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Recent Projects

  • a suit of ethical dilemmas to test financial planners
  • a set of multi-layer dilemmas that take students through to the consequences of their choices
  • ethical dilemmas based upon a firm’s main ethical risks, for use on their intranet

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