Ethics Training


You want your people to ‘do the right thing’. Have you trained them in what matters most to your business?

What I do

I deliver ethics training in a variety of formats, tiered to a range of learning outcomes and targeted to a broad or specialist audience. I can create new material from scratch, as well as enhance your existing resources.

I also train students and professionals through seminars and workshops, using my many years experience of the insurance sector to ensure that the content is practical and the debate topical.

What you get

  • high quality ethics learning resource to suit all levels, from recruits to directors.
  • backed up with detailed knowledge of insurance markets and how they work
  • created to suit your specific needs
  • creatively designed, engaging and well written

Typical Projects

  • the Chartered Insurance Institute’s ethics course for general insurance
  • the Personal Finance Society’s ethics course for financial advisers
  • a series of podcasts covering key ethical issues for a client.
  • a detailed guide to the CII’s Code of Ethics.

Student Feedback

“Really good introduction to business ethics”

“A very in depth and detailed course”

“Engaging and thought provoking with lots of practical real life examples and exercises”

“Concise, relevant and a very useful refresher tool”

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