Learning Resource

Ethics Training

 Everyone has a general sense of what ‘doing the right thing’ can look like, but training in ethics helps turn that into a practical understanding that can be put to use at work. I’ve written the two main ethics training courses in the UK insurance sector. Each contains both introductory and leadership level guidance and are tailored to that sector, covering all types of roles.

Ethical Dilemmas

 Ethical dilemmas crop up on a regular basis. Showing employees how to recognise them and then handle them appropriately will build confidence, lead to better decision making and encourage a more ethical culture at your firm. I’ve written dozens of ethical dilemmas, both single and multi-layered, covering many different types of situations.

Ethical Assessments

 It will be important that your key people not only have knowledge of ethics, but are able to recall it in relevant situations. This has lead to the increasing use of integrity assessments. I’ve written several ethical assessment packs, built around clear learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

Ethical Case Studies

Case studies are short stories in which workplace characters find themselves facing an ethical problem. Employees like them because they’re relevant to their work, reflect experiences they've had in the past and treat the issue in realistic and pragmatic terms. I've written a great many ethical case studies, to help firms bring their code of ethics alive and to remind employees about sensitive issues that they should approach with care.