Building Ethical Competency

I’m behind some of the best ethics training courses and toolkits in the UK insurance market, with a flagship course rated as 4.6 out of 5.0 by students. Do you need training material that is relevant to your business and tailored to particular functions? Look no further!

Building Confidence

Most people have a sense of the ‘right way to do things’, but aren’t always sure of how to put that into practice in their particular role. Others don’t always have the confidence to follow their ethical compass. Building that knowledge and confidence is vital to the success of any ethics initiative.

Tailored Training

This involves a mix of training provision tailored to the roles, needs and seniority of those taking part. It means following up such training with toolkits that help your people transfer what they’ve learnt into their day-to-day work and that help make ethics part of your appraisal process.

Highly Regarded

I’ve written some of the best ethics training courses and toolkits in the UK insurance market. The online ethics course I wrote in 2010 for the Chartered Insurance Institute is currently rated at 4.6 out of 5 by students and has attracted comments like these:

 “Concise, relevant and a very useful refresher tool”   (student)

“Interesting, practical and helpful. I’d recommend this to any practitioner”   (student)

“Engaging and thought provoking with lots of practical real life examples and exercises”   (client)

The course looks at ethics in a wide range of contexts, from underwriting and claims to sales and broking. A standout feature is the frequent use of stopping points at which open questions are put to students, encouraging them to think about the ethical dimension of a recent development. Students really have to think about ethics in order to complete the course.

Case Studies

I’ve also delivered a vast number of case studies and multiple choice questions to clients for use in both formal and informal assessments. A wide range of ethical scenarios can be covered, from the highly topical to the more nuanced issues that crop up from time to time. They can be anything from one line to half a page in length. Some are focussed on to particular functions, while other have take a company wide perspective. 

Function Specific

I use my knowledge and experience as a Chartered Insurance Practitioner to ensure that the training material I create is tuned to the issues that matter most to a particular function. So training on ethics for underwriters looks at the particular behaviours that matter most in that role and the points at which it’s most important to put them into practice.

Let’s Talk

I’d be happy to meet up for an informal chat about the type of learning outcomes you’re interested in. We can exchange ideas and take something forward or leave it at that.