Navigating the Ethics Crossroads

You need a clear picture of what ethics means to your business and the risks it poses to achieving your goals. As a business ethics consultant, I help you establish the ethical priorities for your business to focus on.

Risks and Opportunities

Insurance and financial planning have unique ethical profiles, influenced by the trust and promise inherent in the products and advice on offer. It’s important to get that ethical profile right, to ensure that the risks and opportunities your business encounters are properly managed and controlled. After all, it’s your reputation that will be at issue.


In pinning down those key risks and opportunities, you should consider bringing in other people’s perspectives. What do staff think are the key ethical risks? What does marketing see as interesting ethical opportunities? What are the emerging issues that the market needs to listen to? Recognising who to listen to and how to weight up their opinions will add to the credibility of your ethics profile.

Setting Priorities

Having a clear picture of the risks and opportunities that ethics presents to your business means that you can then start to focus on the important issues and start managing them properly. What makes an ethical issue more or less important will be determined by understanding the impact it might have on your business objectives. Bringing the important ones together into a plan that fits within your resources and overall strategy for the year puts ethics in a positive direction for the year ahead.

Overcoming Challenges

My role as a business ethics consultant is to take you through steps like these and deliver the outcomes being sought. Having advised a wide variety of insurance and financial planning firms during the last 11 years, I can help you overcome the challenges that may seem difficult or ambiguous. As a Chartered Insurance Practitioner, I have the experience to understand how your business works and the issues it is encountering.

Outside Perspective

It may be that you’ve made some progress already, for example in drawing up an ethical policy or identifying a priority area like conflicts of interest. I bring an outside perspective that can help you consolidate this progress into a clear plan of what steps to take next.

Critical Friend

There may uncertainty about where to begin or the right direction to take. As a ‘critical friend’, I can help you weigh up the options and open up minds to the practicalities that your business can encounter. With 18 years experience as an insurance professional, I can bring a pragmatic and informed viewpoint to your plans.